Thursday, August 09, 2007


After working late and then having a flat tyre on the way home I finally made it to "Cousins Too" for a burger with Andrew and Travis. After dinner Travis and I went on for a drink at Boat and I started my daily drawings with the above napkin.

Then I was explaining something to Travis about design and how it relates to fashion/apparel (Boring!) and I drew a t-shirt and then filled it in with a dude. The page evolved to what you see here with the addition of some bike parts (front light & brake).

Steve had the latest copy of 100 Bullets which got us talking about comic books and drawing comics. We were talking about how to tell a story with visually dramatic images and how to accomplish this task. This page was my attempt to show something with more dramatic compositions.


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eben said...

i especially dig that shoe...and cousins' burgers.