Wednesday, August 20, 2008

V. Dollar Building

Here's another drawing from my trip to Put In Bay last week. It's a building near downtown that's certainly over 100 years old and housed the original Put In Bay post office and countless other businesses over the years. Javan said that when he was a kid it was a hardware store, but now it features a bar called "The Fishbowl" in one half of the ground floor and in the other half there is a restaurant called "Mossback's". The "V. Dollar" above the front door is the name of the dude who built it. I forget his first name but he was the first Mayor of Put In Bay.

That's all the history I have.

When I was working on this drawing a guy came up and started chatting with me. It caught me off guard as people in New York don't really pay too much attention so I decided that I need to be more prepared to talk to folks when I'm drawing.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Self Portrait in the Window

This is just a semi-blind contour drawing that I made of myself. I drew from the reflection in a window after it was dark outside. The window had a double layer of glass which caused a double reflection making it difficult to see detail.

I like how my head is sorta stretched out vertically, like a bobble head doll.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Tony's Place

Last week I was away on family vacation on South Bass Island which is a part of thePut In Bay Islands out in Lake Erie. This is a drawing of one of the "watering holes" on the island. Tony's Place is more of a local spot so it's pretty similar to my local brooklyn spot, Boat. Anyway, this is a drawing of the outside of the bar.