Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Figure Drawing

Tonight I went to the SVA figure drawing for the second time. Showing here is my most successful drawing of the night, it was the first longer pose. After the jump I have a few more drawings from tonight's session.

I can't wait to doing more figure drawing.

This is a page of 2 minuet warm up poses that I like. I started out drawing with the Ebony Graphite pencil but switched to a black Prismacolor pencil for the longer 20 minuet poses and was really happy with the results.

This is another long pose that was working well. I need to work a bit faster so that I can try to get both models into the composition. One of the models was a dancer and she had a really small, compact, muscular body that was really interesting to draw.

I was able to build up the tones with the Prismacolor pencils really well, much better than with the graphite. I'm planing on picking up some more Prismacolor pencils in some other colors for the upcoming Wednesdays. I would also like to try out some drawing on middle tone paper with Prismacolor pencils. I think I have an old pad of paper from foundation drawing that should take with me next week.


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