Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It's Bed Time

I've been thinking about building a platform bed frame for quite some time now but the project has remained in the planning stages ever since college. I've always regretted not working on this project while in school when I had access to a full wood shop as well as the free time and free space back in Cincinnati. Every year or so I revisit the idea and try to flesh it out a bit more in the hopes that I will actually take the plunge. I put together a rough plan over the weekend for a bit of Home Depot reconnaissance work and this photo shows the paper along with my notes and ideas.

After the jump I have a more refined drawing with a plan view and side and end elevations.

It's mainly comprised of 2x4's held together with lag bolts. I'm not entirely sure that it will be stable enough as I've designed it but I guess there's only one way to find out. Unfortunately the frame hasn't been built yet and I don't have a date for Valentine's day so I guess the testing will have to wait.

I have added a center leg to support the center of the frame as I've seen them on some of the bed frames sold at DWR. I've also started an Excel spreadsheet in order to keep track of the parts needed and as a way to track the total cost of the project. I guess the tools that the merchants and pre-production people at my work use are good from something after all. Hopefully with all of this careful planning I will actually pull it together this time and complete the project.

sweet dreams!

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