Friday, July 20, 2007

Elvis Costello

I've know of Elvis Costello for many years now, his carrier has spand my entire life (1977 to Present), but aside from a few songs that are a part of my general conciousness, I've never really listened to his music. As a result I've recently decided to spend some time and learn a bit more about him and listen to some of his music. At this point I'm going to be working in chronological order and I just picked up "My Aim is True" last week my lunch break.

Aside from myself I don't really make too many detailed drawings of people's faces. I think I'm a bit too self concious about my drawing skills to actually sit down with someone I know and draw their face. Maybe when figure drawing starts up again in the fall I'll spend some time working on faces rather than the whole figure.

If you're not too familiar with his music check out a live performance that I've posted After the jump.

This live performance of Radio Radio appeared on Saturday Night Live on December 17th 1977. There is a pretty interesting story surrounding why they change songs at the begingin of the performance.



Parrman said...
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Parrman said...

I'll do some life drawing classes with you Peter, let me know when they start!

I like the Elvis Costello sketch in moody blue!