Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rats Off!

I stopped back at Rififi tonight and was lucky enough to find my sketchbook behind the bar with the bartender. Someone was nice enough to pick it up and turn it in to the lost and found. As a result I'm able to post my October 10th drawing. I started with the head of a mouse and then I decided that it should have a top hat, then a cane one thing lead to another and here we are with "Rats Off To Ya!". It's actually a reference to a strange yet funny show on Adult Swim called Tom Goes to the Mayor where the main character invents a novelty t-shirt with the saying "Rats Off to Ya".

I rest my case.

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Parrman said...


Congrats on locating the "Book of Sketches", this is a great one def. Rat's OFF to YA!