Monday, October 27, 2008

Upside-Down Birds

Last night I had a somewhat crazy dream. I don't usually remember my dreams but this particular one stuck with me and actually woke me up in middle of the night. It was vivid enough for me too feel the need to record it in some way, so I grabbed my notebook and jotted down some words and a quick doodle of my dream, you can see it in red ink on the above scan. I made the drawing without the lights on so I'm actually pretty amazed how legible the text came out. It reads:

"Upsidedown Purple Birds like womens Apt"

In my dream, a few birds were flying around and sort of attacking me. They were purple and there heads were permanently rotated 180 degrees so they were looking upside-down. I'm not sure why I was dreaming about birds but I think I know where the purple comes from. On Sunday evening Leah and I were walking down Degraw and I happened to look into the windows of a garden level apartment. This apartment was immaculately decorated in a white and pastel purple color palette, very scary. So scary that we decided to turn around an have another look but as we passed by the second time, an elderly women came out of the garden level door. I sort of freaked out because I thought she might have seen me looking in on our first passing by. At any rate, I had purple on my brains and it must have made it into my dreams.

The drawing in black ink is a more cleaned up version of what I remember the dreamy birds to have looked like.


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