Saturday, May 31, 2008

Remeber to LOOK!

So I started drawing the dude reading the newspaper but I was feeling uncomfortable because he was sort of looking in my direction. Oh, I was riding the subway home from watching the Detroit Pistons loose game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals at a bar in the Lower East Side (they lost the series). Anyway, I couldn't look at him comfortably so the drawing wasn't going so well. At East Broadway or the York stop a woman sat down with her back to me and she was wearing a strappy tank top and the straps must have been broken because there was a hair clip holding them in place. Anyway, I started drawing the clip and expanded from there and because she was facing away I didn't feel weird making the drawing and as a result I was actually LOOKING so it turned out OK.

Lesson learned.


Also, I just saw a mouse run by the wall in my apartment. Guess I'll have to get some traps.

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Anna said...

I like your drawings.