Thursday, July 05, 2007

Quick Building

For some reason I was in a drawing mood on Tuesday, I'm not sure why, maybe the great weather. After the bike drawing I started drawing the buildings on Smith Street and while I was drawing I was telling Travis how I seem to have trouble getting my city street drawings to look right and how I end up becoming really frustrated and give up before I finish the drawing. Well maybe it was because I was warmed up or maybe it was the fact that I was talking and and not thinking too much about the drawing but it actually started to look pretty good. I actually wish I had kept going with the sketch but we decided to ge inside for a drink instead.



tps12 said...

The good thing about this being one that you stopped working on is that if you want to go back to it, you will have no trouble positioning yourself exactly where you had been when you started.

Peter Hamtramck said...

Good point. Coffee break again today?
How bout 5?