Tuesday, January 16, 2007

One Step

"Hey, does peter like Polaroid Cameras?"

Yes, I do, and here is a drawing of a Polaroid One Step Land camera. I'm not sure when exactly this camera was manufactured but it used the SX-70 film so I would guess it dates back to the late 1970's or possibly the early 80's. I own one of these but it is buried somewhere so the was a drawing from memory. As you can see some of the details are incorrect.



Jason said...

"As you can see, some of the details are incorrect." I think you're giving the public too much credit.

H.T.Dragon said...

Eureka! I recently bought one of those cameras at a thrift store for $2, and I've been perusing the web for info on it ever since.

I have no idea if it works or not, or if it does, what kind of film to put into it! I forced a carterage of Polaroid 600 into it, and all the exposures ended up going through a series of strange colors before settling on a blackish green, save a few that turned out weird because I played with the exposure as it was coming out. Can you tell me what's wrong with my camera, or am I just using the wrong film? And what else can you tell me about it?