Monday, September 25, 2006

Milk Crates

This is a design sketch that is fleshing out ideas for improvements to a milk crate shelf that I currently have in my apartment. Basically the front side of the milk crates blow slightly under load so the whole shelf tilts forward, making the whole thing slightly unstable.

I was doing a quick search to find an image milk crate and came across this site all abut my favorite plastic container.



tps12 said...

Did you know that the company that invented plastic milk crates also makes those plastic shopping carts? I read that here: "The innovative Rehrig Pacific corporation is constantly striving to build the products that future consumers will steal."

tps12 said...


Peter Hamtramck said...

That makes sense, the structural pattern is nearly identical. Did you ever see the episode of nightline where design firm IDEO redesigned the shopping cart? Good stuff.

tps12 said...

That's pretty awesome.